Friday, December 18, 2009

Using Candles and Scents to Make Holidays Extraordinary

No matter which holiday you celebrate this time of year, using candles and scents to decorate can help make holiday parties extraordinary. We thought we'd give you a few ideas for creating a wonderful party setting with delicious scents and decorative candles.

Decorating the bed and bath: Two areas seriously neglected when decorating for parties in the home are the bed and bath. Think about it: Your guests go hunting for their coats in the spare bedroom, and find a blah, undecorated room that's definitely not in the holiday spirit.

Even if only for one night, spike up the party spirit in every single room by using oil burners to disperse delicious scents. Should guests decide to explore your home, they'll be greeted with wonderful aromas behind every door.

Your home's baths deserve a festive makeover during holiday parties, too. Here's an idea that creative hostesses report gets rave reviews: set up a tiered candelabra in the tub or shower, so that it's away from the flow of traffic. Light nice ball candles and let them dispense a festive glow that will enhance the party atmosphere.

Decorating serving areas: Breaking up buffet lines helps avoid congestion during holiday parties and receptions. Set up food stations throughout your home's larger rooms and accent them with beautiful holiday candles and scents.

If you must use a single food area, include soft candlelight by adding ball candles, tapers or graceful wooden oil diffusers to your holiday centerpieces.

Decorating conversation areas: The soft glow of candles from a hearth room mantle sets the perfect tone for cozy conversation. Sprinkle corner tables and shelves with holiday-themed oil burners to put friends and family in a party frame of mind. Even unlit, scented candles on wall shelves are a safe way to add holiday cheer throughout your home.

Holiday parties are a wonderful way to bring together friends and family. Beautiful candles and scents set the scene, no matter if you're celebrating Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa or Winter Solstice. Make your guests feel warm and welcome by dispersing the glow of candles, oil burners and exotic scents throughout your home. And Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Great Myth and Legend Gift Ideas for Gamers

Have a gamer among your friends and family that's always hard to buy for? There are great myth and legend gifts available that will fit right into the world of fantasy they enjoy so much during games. What we mean by "myth and legend gifts" are items that bring to mind days of yore, things like dragons, castles and legendary swords. You'll be amazed, once you start exploring these gifts, how cleverly the world of ancient fantasy is incorporated into useful items.

Here are some examples of what you'll find that make perfect gifts for gamers in today's online gift stores. A quick search reveals that dragons are a popular theme among myth and legend gifts. Even computer speakers can be found in the form of dragons! Other dragon-themed gifts include candle holders, figurines and door knockers.

Look also for chess sets, mirrors and incense burners that incorporate fantasy game themes like dragons. It's not hard to turn one of these fantasy-themed items into a very nice gift. You might, for example, purchase your gamer a dragon oil burner and a collection of candles and scents to use with it.

For fans of games like Viking Quest, you can purchase gifts designed as Viking helmets, swords and daggers. Imagine their surprise when they open a present you've taken the time to match to their interests.

Another very popular theme in gifts of this kind is swordplay. A quick look at online gift stores reveals replica swords of all kinds, from civil war era to fantasy swords from ancient lands. If your gaming fan talks often about sword battles being won during games, they'll definitely like a gift that incorporates legendary weapons.

One more theme we see emerging among myth and legend gifts is pirates. Skulls and pirate captains are transformed into clever gifts like candle holders and coffee mugs. If your friend or family member is fascinated by games like Dogs of the Sea, buying their gifts will be smooth sailing.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways you can please your gamers this year for Christmas. Online gift stores make purchasing gifts for everyone so much simpler. That's especially true for those people who are passionate about hobbies like video games. In fact, this might actually be the year they turn off the video games long enough to spend Christmas with the family!